Q & A

Common roof replacement Questions

Question: Do you replace roofs?
Answer: Yes we replace all types of roofs composition, shake and tile.

Question: I have a shake roof, but want to put a new composition roof on can you do that?
Answer: Yes. We can replace any type of roof with another.

Question: What different type of shakes roofs are there?
Answer: There are medium shake and heavy shake type roofs.

Question: What type of composition roof are there?
Answer: There is 20,30,40,50 year and TL lifetime composition roofs.

Question: What type of plywood do you use and why?
Answer: We use cdx plywood because it is very dependable and dose not absorb water.
We do not use OSB type plywood. It is not recommend because it will absorb water and create mold.

Question: Why dose my roof need so many vents?
Answer: Your roof needs ventilation so it dose not build up heat and moisture which cause moss to grow.

Question: Can you add a new roof atop of my old roof without taking it off?
Answer: Yes we are able to add another layer of roof atop of another. We do not recommend this type of installation.

Question: Why should I take off the old layer of roof?
Answer: If you add a new layer of roof on top of the old one moisture can build between the two roofs causing moss to grow and shorting the life of the new roof.

Question: Another company told me I don't need metal valleys. Why do I need them?
Answer: You need metal valleys so that the water from the roof flows to the gutters. If no valley are present there is a chance that water will cause a leak where roof valleys are present.

Question: How much would it cost to replace my roof?
Answer: There are many variable to the cost of a roof replacement we recommend you give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE

Question: Do you have proof of a valid license, bond, worker comp. and insurance?
Answer: Yes we do and upon request we will provided all the proper information.

Common roof cleaning questions

Question: Why should my roof be pressure washed?
Answer: To remove all the moss and debris form the shakes preventing further damage to the shakes

Question: What will happen if I don't pressure wash my roof?
Answer: The combination of the moss and debris will ruin the shakes, shingles or tiles on the roof causing further repairs and in some cases roof replacement.

Question: Do you pressure washing composition and tile roofs?
Answer: Yes we clean both types of roofs.

Question: I was told that pressure washing my roof can damage my shakes, shingles and/or tiles?
Answer: We use a custom made machine that outputs large volumes of water at low pressure to gently clean off the moss and debris from the roof without damaging it.

Question: Will power washing my composition roof remove any asphalt granules from the shingles?
Answer: No, any asphalt granules that you may see during pressure washing are from inside the gutters when the roof was first installed or loose granules all ready setting on the roof. Our custom made machine will not cause any more asphalt granules to come off from the shingles.

Question: How much pressure dose your machine use?
Answer: Our custom made machine uses about 1500 psi at 10 gallons of water per. minute to gently clean your roof.

Question: Dose your company only pressure wash roof?
Answer: No we also pressure wash deck, fences, siding, driveways, patios and all types of concrete services.

Common repair questions

Question: What if I need some composition singles, tiles or shakes replace on my roof, do you do that type of work?
Answer: Yes we repair and replace composition shingles, Tiles and shakes

Question: Won't my tiles break from you walking on the roof?
Answer: My workers and my self are trained to walk on all types of roof included tile. So that we don't cause any damage to the tile. On average most tile roofs need around 10 tiles replace due to normal wear and tear over the years.

Question: How do you know what shakes need to be replace?
Answer: There are many thing we look for when replacing a shake. Such as deterioration and cracks on the shakes. Also if the shake is revealing the underlying black paper in any way it must be replaced.

Question: How many shakes are in a bundle?
Answer: There are about 40 shakes in a bundle.

Question: What type of shakes to do you use and why?
Answer: We use premium grade shakes because they are the best quality shake you can use on your roof.

Question: Will you be using the same type of shakes my roof has?
Answer: Yes we will be using the same type of shakes.

Question: Can the damaged shakes cause my roof to have a leak?
Answer: In most cases if a shake is not replaced it can cause you to have a leak.

Common treatment questions

Question: After the pressure washing and repairs are done then what happens?
Answer: After that all has been done your roof gets treated with Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate) treatment

Question: What is Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate) treatment
Answer: Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate) is a water based oil treatment which protects you roof against the rain and sun and also form the moss coming back for 5 years guaranteed.

Question: What will happened if I don't treat my roof?
Answer: The fungus and moss will grow back and eat away at the life of your roof.

Question: What kind of treatment do you use on decks?
Answer: We use a treatment call CWF-UV. It protects against moisture and sun damage, penetrating to preserve the natural beauty on wood decks providing a mildew-resistant finish.

Other common questions

Question: How long have you been doing this type of business?
Answer: We have been doing this type of business for 18 years now.

Question: Do you have any references in my area?
Answer: We have many references in the Portland metro area. Gladly given upon request.

Question: How often should I pressure wash and treat my roof?
Answer: We recommend that you do all this about every 5 years.