Roofing: We install roofing of all kinds this includes shake, tile and composition. Including tear-offs, recovers, new construction and construction clean up. We offer 20 year, 30 year, 40 year, 50 year and presidential TL for composition roofs. We also install medium and heavy shakes roofs using #1 grade Premium cedar shakes. Using only Cdx plywood and not OSB plywood (see Q&A for info). To cover the Plywood we use 30lb felt paper rolls which are thicker than the normal 15lb felt paper rolls. Using only lead pipe flashing and not the regular pipe flashing. We also do any structural framing that maybe be needed on the roof and gutter services.

Steep roof specialists no job to big or to small, only using the best quality of material. Professional clean up guaranteed which includes gutter cleaning and rinsing off the house.

Along with leak repair for vents, valleys, skylight, pipe flashing, chimneys and furnace pipes.

Roof Pressure washing: Before pressure washing we will do a free inspection of the roof to see if repairs are needed. Cleaning is done to remove the debris, moss and fungus form the roof, Debris directly affects the longevity of your roof. Debris such as leaves and needles retain water which promotes the deterioration of the shakes. Does your roof have fungus? Fungus gives your roof a slight green coloration. During the summer your roof will look black. Fungus eats away at the shakes and eventually exposes the underling black felt paper.

Repairs:. To determine what shakes need to be replaced we look at a couple of things. First whether the shake is reveling the underling black paper. If that's not the problem then we look at weather the shake has a crack in it. If so then we check to see if that crack is a lined with another crack. If either of these things are present the shake must be replaced with a new one.

The shakes that we use are Premium Grade Shakes. Which means that you the consumer are getting the best possible shakes to replace the old ones. When installing the new shakes we make sure all nails/staples are hidden under the shake on the next row. The reason for this is the elements over time can cause the nail/staple to loosen and come up. By having the nail/staple hidden and not expose there is no opportunity for it to become loose which will prevent the shake from coming off. After repairs have been done your roof needs to be treated.

Treatment: The treatment that we use is called Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate). Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate) is a water based oil which is applied to the shakes for protection against moss, fungus and the black color coming back. It also protects your roof against the suns UV rays and water. Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate) controls warping, swelling, shrinking and end checking caused by changes in moisture content of lumber and plywood products.

We also use the Cunapsol-5 (Cooper Naphthenate) because after being mixed it goes in as water and sets as oil. Which in turn diffuse into the wood and stays 100%. That's why we guarantee it for 5 Years against moss, fungi and the black color from coming back. Also it will not harm plants, animals or humans. The color you roof well get with the treatment will be a reddish or cedar like color depending on the tint you choose to have.

Leak Repairs: We offer leak repair for shake, composition and tile roofs. As well as skylight, chimney, valley, pipe flashing and vent repair and replacement. If you have a leak we'll find it and fix it!

Decks & Fences: Just like your roof is made out of wood so our decks and fences. Which means that they also can grow moss on them. The moss that grows on decks makes them slippery and dangerous to walk on. Over time it will eat away at the wood and eventually if not maintained will need replacement. The same thing goes for your fences which can grow moss and get a green or grey color to them. To resolve these problems we pressure Wash and treat both.

The treatment we use to treat your decks and fences is called CWF-UV. CWF-UV is a Oil base Ultraviolet-resistant formula that protects against the rain and the moss or mildew from coming back. CWF-UV brings out the natural color in the wood when applied (color varies with wood)

Concrete Surfaces: First off most concrete surfaces can grow moss and fungi giving them a green/black color. Which makes them very slippery and dangerous to walk on when wet.

We offer pressure washing for all sorts of concrete surfaces. Which includes driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, stucco and any other type of concrete surfaces one might want pressure washed. If pressure washed you can count on all that to be cleaned off making your concrete suffices looking like new again and safe to walk on.

Other Services: We also provide services for composition roofs, tile roofs, We also pressure wash aluminum & vinyl siding, cedar, stone, brick & stucco, sidewalks, store fronts, buildings, wooden decks, chimney exteriors, concrete patios, wooden fences, pool decks, tennis courts, awnings, swimming pools, heavy equipment, mobile homes, boats and graffiti removal

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