Welcome to Aloha Pressure Washing Inc. and Roofing Co.

We offer roof replacements of all kinds!

Aloha Pressure Washing. Inc. & Roofing Co. is an owner-operated company. This means that I supervise most of the work my self or over see it. I have been doing this type of business for more than eighteen years. Unlike most other companies I work on most houses my self and do not rely on other people to get the job done. Because if they do not have the experience about the right way to work on a roof then they should not send out the workers to do the work. That is why I am involved in every house that we do. Whether it is a small or big job, because every job is important to....

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We offer roofing of all kinds this includes shake, tile and composition. We offer 20 year, 30 year...

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Roof Pressure Washing

First your roof will need to be cleaned. Cleaning is done to remove the debris, moss and...

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Decks & Fences

Just like your roof is made of wood so are you decks and fences. Which means that they also...

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Other Services

We also provide services for composition roofs, tile roofs, We also pressure wash aluminum & vinyl siding, cedar, stone, brick & stucco, sidewalks, store fronts & Buildings. wooden decks, chimney exteriors, concrete patios, wooden fences, pool decks, tennis courts, awnings, swimming pools, heavy equipment, mobile homes, boats and graffiti removal .

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Licensed, Insured and Bonded. CCB# 147562